Otsego Newspaper Archives

Searching our 100+ year Newspaper Archive Collection is now easier (and more fun) than ever!
This straightforward and instant collection is not only searchable by date and date ranges, but by keyword as well. Easy and clearly defined searching across the collection is now possible by clicking on one of our two newspaper archive sites. Our collection of historical newspapers is divided into two seperate links that cover two different time periods. Select from the Public Link or the Private Link that best fits your needs.
Public Link (Works on/off of the library premesis) 
The Public Link will span historical newspaper years 1869-1937. These newspapers are available from our website and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.
Private Link (Only works on the library premesis)
By clicking the Private Link you will be able to access historical newspaper years 1938-2011. These newspapers are available only by using a personal device or computer on the library premesis.
You may also come search the Newspaper Archive Collection directly from our inhouse "Archive Computer". The library has designated a computer in the History Room for Newspaper Archive searching and viewing purposes. Other indexes are also available for viewing including: Dorothy Dalrymple Scrapbook Collection, Nina Snow: Uncle Sam's Boys (Also includes the Nina Snow Index), and the Otsego Property Tax Records.