Streaming Music

There are tons of FREE Streaming Music sites and apps available on the internet. What is Streaming Music? Streaming means listening to music or watching video in 'real time', instead of downloading a file to your computer and watching it later. With internet videos and webcasts of live events, there is no file to download, just a continuous stream of data.

Below are a few awesome streaming music providers. (Available on desktops and many mobile devices.)
iTunes Radio is a free, ad-supported service available to all iTunes users, featuring Siri integration on iOS. Users are able to skip tracks, customize stations, and purchase the station's songs from the iTunes Store.
Spotify is a FREE subscription-based digital music service that opens users to 22 million different songs from a laptop, smartphone or other device.
Pandora is also a FREE subscription-based service with a catalog of 1 million songs available on laptop and mobile devices, plus Roku and other app-based appliances.
Image result for napster logoNapster lets you stream music from your phone, computer and home audio devices.Going somewhere without a connection? Download your music and listen offline
NPR Music offers current and archival podcasts, live concert webcasts, reviews, music lists, news, studio sessions, and interviews to listen to from NPR and partner public radio stations across the country, as well as an index of public radio music stations streaming live on the Internet.
Deezer is a web-based music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels including EMI, Sony, UniversalMusic Group, and Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline.
iHeartRadio is an Internet radio platform. iHeartRadio now functions as both a music recommender system and a radio network that aggregates audio content from over 800 local Clear Channel radio stations across the United States, as well as hundreds of other stations and various other media. iHeartRadio is available online, via mobile devices, and on select video game consoles.