So, what’s all the “hoopla” you're hearing about Hoopla!?!

We are very excited to offer a great new service this winter called Hoopla! Hoopla is a digital media service that allows you to borrow movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics, and TV shows to enjoy on your computer, tablet, or phone!
There are no holds and multiple users can use the same title at the same time!! With no waiting, titles can be streamed immediately, or downloaded to phones or tablets for offline enjoyment later. There are hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, with more being added daily. If you hear patrons complaining about the wait on holds on Overdrive, Hoopla is a supplemental service you can suggest! If you know a child who loves graphic novels or comics, Hoopla offers many digital comics! It also adds music and movie digital service to our resources here at ODL.
With hoopla, we will have immediate access to:
  • eBOOKS
ALL of this content will be available to our patrons in one all-inclusive mobile app or website. The platform is simple, intuitive and free to our patrons. BEST OF ALL? There is NO WAITING for titles, the collection contains half a million titles and is growing every day!
Here are some other great features of hoopla:
  • Borrowed content is available for immediate streaming on a computer or mobile device
  • On the digital app, borrowed content can be temporarily downloaded for offline use (yes, you can watch movies and listen to movies and audiobooks while you are traveling!)
  • Music albums can be listened in their entirety or shuffled between other checked out albums
  • Hoopla’s eReader, Action View, is interactive, allowing a comic book to be read panel by panel!
  • Hoopla has a Kid’s Mode setting, allowing young people access to content geared towards ages 12 and under
​        Hoopla app settings menu with Kids Mode activated
Image result for download hooplaAPP for iOS (Apple):
  1. Start screen is “My hoopla” à Select which formats you’d like to use the demo content with (Video, Music and Books)
  2. Select “Genres” at the top right corner
  3. Scroll down to demo content and borrow a title
  1. On the hoopla homepage select “Browse” then the format you’d like to practice with (audiobooks, ebooks, comics, movies, music and TV)
  2. Select “Categories”
  3. Find the bubble containing “Demo Content” (the bubble listing is in alphabetical order)
APP for Android & Amazon Store usage:
  1. Select a format
  2. Select the “Genre” menu option
  3. Scroll down to “Demo Content” (the listing is in alphabetical order)



  • Our patron borrowing limit will be one item per week, four per month. We are going to see how popular the service is for about 6 months before increasing the checkout limit. Checking things out on Hoopla is pay-per-use for the library, averaging about $2.50 per checkout.
  • At this time, this service is available to RESIDENTS ONLY, not the non-resident reciprocals.
  • Patrons will not be able to use the service if their fines exceed $5